92 thoughts on “Absolute Model 2.8 Trend

    • Since the boy is a model, and these pics are taken from his portfolio, the photos are most likely a little retouched or ‘enhanced’. However, they are most certainly NOT photoshopped.

  1. laugh yes Got that right….Engorged… dash Tuur is a dream boy He has that pouty look and that messy hair…Like he just woke up next to you and needs some attention… squirrel chuckle …Love this kid… hug

  2. Oh my and oh boy – he is just too much – totally cute, beautiful, pretty, awesome, amazing, and 100% perfection – wow abd holy cow – outstanding and incredible model boy – he is definitely a complete package boy.

  3. Definitely one of the most handsome boys on the board, for sure. I gather his name is Tuur; what else do we know about him? Country of origin, age? His name suggests he’s Scandinavian, but of course I could be all wrong about that too. Does anyone know?

  4. This type of boy is the only kind I like …GIRLY. He looks just like a girl. These types of boys is what make me bi. Wish they stayed girly and with no gross muscles…eww!

  5. Parece dificil creer que sólo tiene 10 años.
    Es un Adonis,tan bello como un angel caido del cielo para alegrar nuestras vidas,por favor ,publique más de él,

  6. I love him. I would love to smell and taste his precious skin. I’d become intoxicated on the sweet aroma from this little boy’s body and feet. To taste his kiss would be heaven. Such a magical little god.

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