85 thoughts on “Absolute Blonde 2.2 Trend Edition

  1. OMG wacko just the perfect boy!!! really love the sequence of photos and how the photographer has captured every hot moment of the boy undressing love pic 3 & 7 very smooth and nice glimpse of the boy’s pants all adds to the excitement for me HOT BEAUTIFUL AND BREATHTAKING diablo

  2. When u look up definition of BOY, i think his picturez kum up cuz he lookz like the equisential kid goin n2 puberty straight from main casting unless yur name is LarryClark or VicSumthin casting MattDillon&Vincent? in Over The Edge by cruisingNew JerseyMiddleSchool halwayz?! joy

  3. Oh my and oh boy – totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, breathtaking, perfect in every way blondie boy – wow and holy cow – an incredible boy and his chest is too much.

  4. Beautiful Blonde Boy..Very provocative sexy sequences Id love to see more and yeah,I thought there was going to be more…ha ha I knew not here but somewhere? laugh He is so sexy and cute ,What a doll!! hug More please Tellgren00…….pretty please… heart

  5. He’s insanely hot, beautiful AND breathtaking! shock inlove chuckle

    There must be more to this blush No way there won’t be more pictures with a gem like him! chuckle dog

    Lucky photographer too, I bet they had a great time after the shoot diablo cool

    Thank you Tellgren drinks

  6. Wow number 8 for me , anytime theres a young boy thats already shirtless specially when hes unzipping and taking off his pants its like a train wreck i just cant stop looking smile and of course hes smooth hes young! i love his chest and his belly and belly button! smile

  7. He is absolutely stunning, no words. I love his face and eyes.

    I agree with BoyLover42069 – this must be the best post ever! If someone has more pics of him I would also be more than happier to see them.

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