‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners (sporty boys)

Submission phase for next POW will start soonsmile

The next POW will have the theme armpits, submission will start soon joy

In the last survey these photos have won.


First placed submitted by “Er0s”



Second placed submitted by “Nightrider”




The third winner was submitted by “turner_bailey”


And here my additional favorites smile






Many thanks to the winner and all the other participants. :cool:

Many more beautiful pictures of this survey you can find here.

All participants and results.

I think all would have deserved to win sad

___All previous winners___

24 thoughts on “‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners (sporty boys)

  1. Thanks To everyone who participated and The members who voted one of the young Demigod sons of Poseidon as your winner. I wish we could tell them all how beautiful they are and show them how much we worship them. I just don’t see in this society boys getting told how beautiful and wonderful they are, as if it’s not allowed.

    To celebrate I will be uploading a nice treat for the members that I hope you will like!

    The Bringer of Love

    Oh yeah! SASCHAX99 ,About that prize…. Me and the Son of Poseidon would like a weekend with #11 or #12. Contact me so we can work out the logistics. laugh chuckle

  2. Congrats…2 all.. Im sure it was “Hard” chuckle for everyone to pick but Im satisfied with the results…..They are all winners and so are we for getting to enjoy joy them!

  3. wow pics 1 is 100% hot this boy is not shy to show his bulge of for us to see well done kid a good one for your age. yes good
    pice 3 very good nices body love your speedo yes laugh
    pics 4 nices wee bulge let have more cycling pics on this site please good good good
    pics 5 good bulge love to be your trainer at your club yes laugh
    pics 8 also like to be your trainer to nices body and nices bulge

  4. Soooooo hot love speedos and soccer boys. Use to be a soccer coach so much fun in the showers. And the first aid as well. Touching and massaging legs yum

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